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What Is Service Contract Reporting in Sam

First subcontract means a subcontract awarded directly by the contractor to purchase supplies or services (including works) for the performance of a main contract. It does not include the Contractor`s supplier agreements with suppliers, such as.B. long-term agreements for materials or supplies that benefit from multiple contracts and/or whose costs are normally offset by a contractor`s general and administrative or indirect costs. (b) In accordance with points (c) and (d) of this clause, the Contractor shall report annually by 31 October on the services provided under this Contract during the preceding financial year (from 1 October to 30 September). (2) The total amount, in dollars, charged for services provided to the Government under the contract in the preceding taxation year. e) The agencies will verify that the information provided by the contractor is adequate and consistent with the available contractual information. If the Agency considers that revisions to the information provided by the contractor are justified, the Agency will inform the contractor by 15 November. By 30 November, the contractor shall revise the report or document its rationale for the Agency. (d) The information required in paragraph (c) of this clause will be transmitted via the Internet to (See SAM User Guide). If the contractor does not submit the notification in a timely manner, the contract agent will seek appropriate contractual remedies. In addition, the Client will make the Contractor`s non-compliance with the reporting obligations a portion of the Contractor`s performance information in accordance with subsection 42.15 of the FAR. (2) The Contractor shall inform the Subcontractor that the information will be made available to the public in accordance with section 743 of Division C of the Consolidated Supplementary Appropriation Act, 2010.

4. Data provided by subcontractors in accordance with point f) of this clause. (3) The number of direct hours of work of the contractor devoted to the services provided in the previous fiscal year of the Government. 1. The Contractor shall require any first-stage subcontractor providing services under this Agreement, whose subcontracts are equal to or greater than the thresholds set out in paragraph 4.1703(a)(2), to provide the Contractor with the following detailed information in a timely manner for the submission of the report: (i) subcontractor number (including the name of the subcontractor and the unique identifier of the entity); and. . The following pages on government regulations refer to this page. . (c) The contractor shall provide the following information:. .

. . (1) Contract number and, if applicable, order number. . . . As prescribed in 4.1705 (a), the following clause should be inserted:. .

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